Friday, June 19, 2009

Hail Aung San Suu Kyi poem by Dr. Maung Maung Nyo

I always feel pride and anger
Whenever I hear the name of her
She is great and full of stamina
But she is long lost in detention
What has she done to be so imprisoned?

She was born just two years before her father’s demise
Her mother brought her up with all her might
As a single mother or wilting widow’s plight
Her two elder brothers were always in fright
Younger brother drowned in broad day light
Her mother was in constant fright for their lives!

Su Kyi was educated in Rangoon in the beginning
But she accompanied her mother to India for college education
Her mother served as the Burmese Ambassador in the 1960s
Thence she continued to the Oxford University
I met her with Dr Hla Pe in London at Independence Celebrations
She seemed smart, serious and set for degree and determination.

I was a close friend of Aung San Oo in London
We used to walk and talked at random
But I was not impressed with his philosophy and dictums
He seemed morose and always looked moribund
His guardian Mrs Monk-Jones told me of his bizarre behavior
He was a disturbed child for the loss of his father etc.

Many people expected Aung San Oo to lead in 1988
People were fighting for democracy for people’s sake
He did not fulfill the people’s expectation
His sister came out with determination
To lead the people for democracy whatever the consequences
She has unified a broad spectrum of Burmese people thence.

She has led the people dutifully since then
She has sacrificed her comfort and life many times
She could not even nursed her hubby until he died
She herself has been suffering alone confined
All her amenities of life have been denied
They even plotted her twice to die!

So, what has she done to be imprisoned for so long?
She just talked about democracy and not to go wrong
To fight for it peacefully and plan it with people all along
She urged us to discard our wrong ways and heal our wounds
To strive for unity, equality, fraternity and real liberty
She wants and wishes Burma attain true progress and democracy!

She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her heroism
For her sacrifice for the people and democracy by peaceful means
Many high valued prizes followed one after another
Like Sakharov’s and Nehru’s and Freedom Medal of America
Are they crimes committed by her?
All the Burmese must take pride for her and not imprison sure!

O’ Aung San Su kyi, you are a beacon of light for the Burmese people!
They are ready to follow you and look upon you full
Until they get democracy, peace and liberty through
Hail Aung San Suu Kyi for courage, sacrifice, serenity and hues
I’m always amazed by her personality, philosophy and image as it grew
I’m also saddened by her being detained without a clue
Let’s pray “Aung San Suu Kyi live for a long life
Let she be healthy, happy and free to lead the people’s fight!”
I say this on her birthday today, June 19, 2009, right!

Dr Maung Maung Nyo
19.06.2009 (original)

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