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2007 August-November Dr. Tint Swe’s activities during Saffron Uprising in Burma

Dr. Tint Swe’s activities during Saffron Uprising in Burma
August-November 2007

1. Mobilization of Burmese community:
• General public
• Core group discussion
• Students and youth
• Women groups
• Religious groups
• Literary individuals

2. Writing in the India-based websites
• Burma Digest
• Intelligence Brief
• Feedbacks to newspapers
3. Media strategy
• Aljezeera TV x 4 times
• BBC TV, London x 3 times
• Sky News TV, London x 2 times
• Indian TV
i. Times India x 1 time
ii. CNBC x 1 time
• French paper
• Indian papers
• Burmese radios: VOA, BBC, RFA, DVB
4. Meeting with diplomats
• British
• Germany
• Czech
5. Meeting with Indian political parties
• Leader of Opposition
• Former minister and former Prime Minister
• All India Forward Bloc
5. Visits outside Delhi
• Bombay/Pune
• Amritsar
• Nagpur/Chennai
• Calcutta

My first paper Burma/Myanmar: The Role of India and China was published SAAG website.

My second paper Burma/Myanmar: Its Strategic importance was published at SAAG website.

I've met with Jaswant Singh, leader of opposition at his office in the Rajya Sabha (Upper House).

We have demonstration to mark 19th anniversary of 8888. Four buses full of demonstrators showed up.

General meeting was called to seek support for the letter of 92 MPs to UNSG.

I spoke at Convention for restoration of democracy in Burma organized by George Fernandes, former defense minister

We have a meeting of a group of people to discuss to stage demo on 23 in support of inside movement.

I called meeting inviting all groups.

We staged large demo in support of inside-Burma movement with 4-bus full of participants. After that review meeting was held at NCGUB office. I can claim that we have regained unity among all of us. It took 2 years after NLD/LA problem.

I called all Burmese Church leaders and discussed for all-Church prayers for the release of inside prisoners. All 13 Churches participated.

I have meeting with SYCB

At 11 AM in our office, I called all 17 women groups and discussed how to support the inside movement.
At 4 PM all groups meeting was held at our office and decided to stage demonstration sponsored by SYCB.

At our office we have close door meeting with U Naing Han Thar (NMSP) with UTN, UTS, KMM, DZWA, UTP, ZDL, KZN and I.

Weekly news discussion was held.

Live chat with Sophie Besse, French media at

I gave TV interview to BBC World Television in London.

28th - 30th September 2007
I participated in and spoke at Democracy in Asia, organized by CSDS at India International Centre

Demonstration was attended by 2-bus full of Burmese
In the evening Indian NGOs and we had candle light vigil at India Gate.

I sent my official objection to FES. I received the reply on 20-10-07.

Meeting with NDA (BJP/RSS) at 5 PM at former BJP chief's house

In Mumbai at 3 PM we had press conference and at 6 PM we had public meeting.

We went to Pune. We had press conference at 3 PM and public meeting at 6 PM.

We have a meeting of Church and Christian Leaders on situation in Burma jointly organized by NCCI and CNI at CNI Bhawan, New Delhi.

I visited Heinrich Böll Foundation and discussed with Dr. Michael Köberlein.

We have demo on the visit of Gambari.
I spoke at Burma program at Kamala Nehru University, Delhi

I spoke at Seminar on 'Burma Uprising; Trans-nationalization of Youth Movement in St Stephens College, New Delhi organized by Amnesty International India and Students Union of St. Stephens College

26-17 October 2007
We participated in the South Asia People's Conclave at Amritsar, India

I spoke at Seminar at Kirorimal College Jointly organized by Parivartan, the Gender Forum and the Burma Solidarity

I spoke at Seminar in JNU, # 203 and Chaired by Prof. GN Jah, School of International Studies (SIS)

I spoke at Seminar at Lady Sri Ram College, Auditorium

Ms Paminder, Campaigner - India team, Amnesty International, London visited my office and we talked about how to press on Indian government.
Dr. Tint Swe was invited to International Encyclopedia of Protest and Revolution:

I participated in felicitation for His Holiness on receiving Congressional Gold medal.

Mr. R Upadhyay, consultant, South Asia Analysis Group visited my office as he wanted to write on Burmese Muslims.

The SEMINAR magazine requested me to write in the next issue.
I visited Dr. Annand Kumar, JNU.
Weekly Situation briefing

13-11-07: JNU, New Delhi
Satyagraha Centenary International Conference
His Holiness the Dalai Lama will inaugurate the Conference on the 13-11-07 at the JNU and will also release the 2008 calendar with portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi

I spoke at Major Nonviolent Movements in the Globe held at Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi

17th –20th November:
I sent 2 students to Bheetiharwa of Champaran, Bihar State

We have dinner at Russian cultural centre hosted by SAFPI in honor of Nepali delegates

We participated in inauguration of Satyagraha Centenary International Conference.
His Holiness released Free DASSK poster and 2008 calendar. Bhadoria and I presented him.

I spoke at plenary session of Satyagraha Centenary International Conference.

We participated in Satyagraha Centenary International Conference held at Gandhi Peace Foundation.
I sent two students to Bheetiharwa, Champaran, Bihar, the second part of Satyagraha Centenary International Conference.

I have weekly news discussion

Five of us, (UPWR, UTS, DZWA, KMM and I) met with Director General of Czech foreign ministry.

I met with Simon at UK embassy. We discuss on the situation deeply.

Two Chinese women (Janice Cheung from the world needs truth, compassion and forbearance and Shu-Hucy Liaw from source of hope radio network Inc.) visited our office and talked about human rights Olympic torch march in January 2008 and about Furlong Gong.

I spoke at RTM Nagpur University
Then I spoke at BT Institute of Social Works
In the evening I spoke at Inter-religious Peace Initiative organized by Dr. John. Those organizations and individuals extended support to our cause: Women Initiative League for Peace and Freedom, YMCA, Student Christian Movement, Students of Nagpur College of Social Work, All India Peace and Solidarity Organization, Nagpur University Law College

I spoke at Dr. Ambedkar College and Mahabank Staff Employment Institute

I spoke at Madras University academic staff
I spoke at Loyola College

I spoke at Observer Research Foundation (ORF)

I spoke at Peace Education for all in India held at Gandhi Bhavan in DU.

Indian Society of Authors (INSA) will organize the literary evening on Burma at India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi and Burmese pro-democracy activists will read our literary pieces

I will give interview to a journal

I will attend and speak in Calcutta on the invitation of CPI (ML) party

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